With nearly 150 engineering colleges in Kerala offering variety of Engineering courses, most often it is confusing decision for the aspiring students and parents which branch/ stream to be selected as per the current scope. We all very well know that there is no streams which are not good and all streams can give a career boost if the students are interested in the subject. Student’s ability and strength plays a very important role to shape up the successful career. The same is not easy to find out and hence career guidance plays a very important role to select the correct branch/ stream for a flourishing career in a student’s path.

We believe that Engineer is the key that can unlock India’s latent inventive potential. It will not only push India to the forefront of the world but also help raise the quality of life in the country.With this belief ‘The Mangalam Daily’ has initiated ‘Beacon’ which targets to help in the development of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between its major components spanning students and parents through initiatives like interactive sessions, competitions, conferences, career guidance and orientations. It will also conduct various programs like career guidance courses, preparatory courses etc.

It will help aspiring students to select the correct branch as per their potential and ability. Following are the highlights of the Beacon program:

1. Know what is engineering.
2. Lectures by eminent academicians and also a chance to interact with them.
3. Various Branches of Engineering and their potential
4. Orientation programs.
5. Career Guidance by using scientific methods.
6. Workshops which will enhance the thinking ability of students.
7. Educational games and students.
8. Kerala Entrance 2017 Option – Registration

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